24 May 2009

My "Personal Calling Statement"

Nairobi, at the gate of the compound where I live,
with our watchman - Tom (behind my left shoulder)- and his Maasai friends
December 2008

Mt. Longonot peak, December 2008

Shimba Hills, a village on the south coast of Kenya
December 2008

Shimba Hills, with a boda boda driver, December 2008

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, December 2008

Purpose Statement

God created me unique and loves me! I exist to know, love, and please Him!

My Mission Statement

My mission is to meet the needs of those around me in practical and pragmatic ways – to serve, build, counsel, and support.

My Core Values

  • God’s Presence – Walking moment-by-moment in God’s presence along with spontaneous worship is crucial.
  • Uniqueness – Joyfully embracing and exhaling my God-given personality encourages others to do the same and brings God pleasure.
  • Purpose Driven – By pro-actively focusing on my God-given assignment I will have an in-built compass for all my decisions.
  • Reckless Abandon – In viewing my life as an adventure with the Lord, I am always ready to go where He sends me, learn something new, and risk stepping out of my comfort zone.
  • Iron-Sharpening Friendships – I intentionally seek out, maintain, and value long-term relationships that go deep and are fun-loving.
  • Servant Leadership – The times I esteem others as better than myself are when I am most like Jesus.
  • Reflective Contemplation – Frequent times of quiet solitude energize me and enable me to adequately hear God’s still small voice.
  • Reliable Integrity – My actions must match my words and people must find me reliable. I desire integrity of my soul and God expects nothing less.

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