11 May 2009

Tyical Urban Housing

These top two photos are from Kibera, Kenya's largest slum (located in Nairobi). The people live in houses made of mud and/or iron sheets.

The other three photos are from Kayole, one of Nairobi's "estates". By Kenyan standards, it's not a slum. Most of the people in these types of neighborhoods live in "flats" (apartments). The buildings are constructed with stones (similar in size and shape to a cement block) and cement. Many of the flats are only 10x10 feet square. All flats on each floor share a toilet, sink, and "bath" room.


SAMI said...

Your family is beautiful. It must me SO nice to be back in the US to visit with everyone. Your photos of Kenya make me hunger for getting back to Africa. Hopefully, I will see you in Kenya in the late fall.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I just shared my house with
my daughter from Denver for 4 weeks and that was inconvenient.