24 May 2009

June Prayer Letter

Matunda, March 2008 (both above photos)

June 2009 Prayer Letter

I left Kenya on May 1st. I had a wonderful 11 days with my daughter - Jess, her husband - Jason, and my youngest grandchild - 10-month old Cadence! I arrived in my hometown, Omaha, on the 13th.

I’ve been feeling better than I was during the past few months in Kenya. I’m not 100% yet, but am so excited to be able to bike around on Omaha’s hills!

Somehow - this time around - my re-entry into the US culture has seemed more normal. I’m quite pleased about that.

I met with my newly-formed accountability group. I believe their increased and intentional involvement and investment in my life will reap many noticeable improvements.

On May 26th I go to Colorado. I’ll spend five days with a friend, likely hiking often in the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

I’ll also attend a 5-day missionary retreat. It focuses on:

  • Rest and relaxation
  • Debriefing, after living in a foreign land and ministering cross-culturally
  • Refocusing on ones missionary assignment and vision

As always, I appreciate your prayers for me! Please don’t stop while I’m away from Kenya.

And, perhaps it goes without saying, but I also need your continued financial support while I’m in the US.

On the rim of Mt. Longonot, June 2008

Flying a kite on my birthday, near Ngong town
June 2008

Bike ride to Denys Finch-Hattan's grave, near Ngong Hills
July 2008

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Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
Love all the pictures, especially the ones of your "walkabouts." Can't wait to get back. Now is not the time, but someday...! I can't even get back to Nebraska this year. Bummer! Be blessed and enjoy being back home.
Love from Shelbyville...