10 November 2010

Boats, boats, and more boats

If you're not sure what is yonder, throw a pebble toward it and see what happens.

-Ethiopian proverb

Ryan and I threw a pebble towards yonder... consulted my 9-year old Kenya Rough Guide.... made sketchy plans.... and waited to see what might happen....

After an interesting train ride to Mombasa and a day of exploring that city... we had an absolutely fantastic weekend on Wasini Island!

Ali (the one whose family I stayed with)

"Mzungu" Mohammed (bailing water)

Ali (the one whose family Ryan stayed with)

Father to the Ali that Ryan stayed with

Arriving at Wasini Island

A dhow

I got up early one morning and got this beautiful shot as the sun rose.

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting weekend!!! Peggy