04 November 2010

If you're not sure what is yonder...

On the train... looking at what might be "yonder"
If you're not sure what is yonder, throw a pebble toward it and see what happens.
-Ethiopian proverb

Because of certain circumstances, Ryan - my missionary friend from Omaha, Nebraska - basically had the month of October off from his ministry in Kampala, Uganda. So... he decided to visit me in Kenya - to see my ministry. We also decided to do some sight-seeing together. My accountability team in the States has encouraged me to take some time off every 3 months or so - just for myself. It seemed as if God had arranged our "pebble-throwing".

We weren't sure what was "yonder", but we threw a pebble towards it... and waited to see what might happen.

I consulted my Kenya Rough Guide (travel book).

We made sketchy plans.

And... off we went!

We were reminded once again, that there's a thin line between "pleasure" and "ministry". In addition to much planned "pleasure" in our 3 weeks together, God also supernaturally ordained some rather unexpected "ministry" time for a few folks we encountered along the way.

We also "book-ended" our time together with Julie - another missionary from Omaha. She serves in Kisumu, Kenya. How cool that God has three of us from the same city in the United States all serving him and his people here in East Africa!

I hope you'll enjoy my prayer letter, the photo gallery, and the videos!

Kenya vs. Uganda soccer/football match - Nairobi

Kiboko Bay on Lake Victoria, Kisumu

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics -- makes it more "real". And easier to picture where you are. Thanks for taking the time to update this!