16 November 2010

Pray for George

Wasini Island's 1,500 inhabitants are 99% Muslim! We had the opportunity to meet George, one of only 15 Christians on the island. While chatting with him, he told us about his struggles in such an environment. We encouraged him and prayed with him. He had such a great smile and a very caring and kind attitude as he went about his duties at the lodge.

Ryan and I found ourselves imaging the profile of a single person or a couple that might be called to the island by God to befriend and reach out with the love of Christ to this isolated people group.

Please pray for George

We spent our 3rd day and night on the island at Wasini Mpunguti Lodge. It was a day of doing absolutely nothing... except relaxing. I did wash these few items of clothing (by hand) and also read a book called, "Through the Dark Continent". It's an account by Henry M. Stanley, of his explorations of Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda in the quest to find the source of the Nile River. He's famous for finding a "missing" missionary and uttering the line - "David Livingstone, I presume".

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