04 November 2010

Swahili food, Likoni ferry, and other transportation

Ryan and I ate African food (Somali, Ethiopian, and Kenyan) together in the US many times. It was fun to actually have African food together ON the continent of Africa. In this case, it was Swahili food.

The city of Mombasa sits on an island. To get from it to the South Coast, one must cross the Likoni Channel on the ferry. I've ridden on the ferry numerous times throughout the past 9 years. However... it's ALWAYS an experience! They move an incredible mass of humanity - plus a few vehicles.

 In both Mombasa and Kisumu, we rode countless tuk-tuks. They're cheap and convenient.

Coast Air - the bus we took from Mombasa back to Nairobi (and yes... it DID have air conditioning!)

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Anonymous said...

The ferry. This reminds me of my childhood taking the ferry across the Mississippi Illinois side over to Missouri for a nice outing.

The bus. It looks pretty comfortable, even luxurious.

Love ya and miss you. Peggy