10 November 2010

Our hosts for two nights and two days

Ali, the owner of the boat we took from Shimoni to Wasini Island (a distance of one mile), also supplements his livelihood by renting out one of the bedrooms in his modest home. And... so does his brother-in-law, also named Ali. Ryan and I made arrangements to stay with both of them and their families. We also took all of our meals with them for the two days. It was truly a great experience to hang out with Muslim families. They were very friendly and accommodating and treated us like family!

Ali's boys going to Saturday Muslim school

Fatma (wife to the Ali whose family I stayed with)

Ali, with some of his family

Ali's mother and brother

Ali (Ryan stayed with) and daughter Hawa

We took all of our meals on the floor (at both houses)

Most of the time we ate our meals, there were many extended family members present. But the day we had lunch at Ryan's Ali's house, it was only he and I there. As Ali's wife, Mariam, served us... Ryan took advantage of it just being the two of us to say a blessing over our meal. We can only hope that Mariam took notice and that it might have had a least a small impact on her.

Small house is Ali's (who I stayed with). Large building is to be a new lodge.

Two of Ali's sons

Shufaa (cousin to Fatma) is from Tanzania

Shufaa is so pretty and has such a great smile...

... that I decided to post all 3 of these pictures of her.

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