07 July 2011

Terran: adventures of cycling, hiking, camping, and snorkeling

One of the goals I had during Terran's 33 days with me was to share some adventures! We had three memorable cycling experiences, two challenging hiking outings, a night of camping, and a great hour of snorkeling. I hope these few photos will suffice to somewhat represent our many fun adventures.

The two photos above are from a 3-hour cycling tour we did with Cycle Kenya at Mtwapa (on the north coast). Two guides went with us on the grueling, exhilarating, and challenging tour.

We spent two days at Hell's Gate National Park. We cycled for several hours exploring the beautiful terrain. We were able to cycle right up close to the many wild animals - zebra, giraffe, Thompson gazelle, Hart's gazelle, warthogs, guinea fowl, and buffalo. We also did a strenuous three-hour hike in the gorge and camped overnight... with about eight zebra grazing right outside our tent!

Mt. Elgon National Park was another site for a hiking adventure. It took three hours of uphill trekking to reach our destination - Kitum cave. On the way, we saw many wild animals - water buck, crowned cranes, baboon, bush buck, colobus monkeys, and blue monkeys... plus many bats in the cave. We were tired and muddy at the end... but thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless!

Another location for a cycling adventure was Ngong Hills, fairly near my house in Nairobi. It is a very strenuous climb from 6,000 feet in elevation to 8,000 feet. Frequent stops to rest are basically a requirement. In the second photo, Terran is looking out over the Great Rift Valley. It's a stunning sight!

Last - but far from least - was our snorkeling adventure at Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park near Wasini Island. It's a one-hour boat ride out to the coral reef where the fish are so amazingly spectacular! We capped off the day with an absolutely delicious seafood lunch at Coral Spirit restaurant, back on the island.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying for a pair of horns. I love that photo with you and the bushbuck's horns.

I'd especially love to get a hold of a pair of the kob's horns (our national animal).

I don't want to kill an animal for it... just get a pair from one who dies.

Abel tells me it's impossible. I know I will achieve. Okay- ramble over. Really enjoyed these photos!


Anonymous said...

On second thought, I think those are waterbuck's horns!

deb said...

You are correct - it's a Waterbuck. Terran thought it was cheesy that I got a photo of the horns with our guide :)

Anonymous said...

No doubt Deb, you are in great shape to climb those mountains and snorkel the seas. Did you know I have five "children" in their 50's and one "youngster" 44 yrs old.

deb said...

Thanks, Peggy! I love being active in the out-of-doors!

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