03 July 2011

Terran, a few final shots of our 33 days together

The guy who loves meat LOVED Carnivore Restaurant!

Buying a soda - one of many - at a roadside kiosk.

Overcoming fear to cross a rickety suspended bridge.

Enjoying a juicy medium-rare T-bone steak at Rolf's.

Creatively looking for "elbow room" on an over-crowded matatu.

Sammy and Terran can put AWAY pizza in no time flat!

Buying a treat for Joy at a duka (small shop).

Saying goodbye at Harvest Secondary School in the Matunda area.

I thoroughly and completely enjoyed Terran's and my 33 days together! I believe he did, as well. After many memorable experiences together, the time came to say goodbye.

I would absolutely love it if my other grandchildren could continue on with the tradition of visiting me in Kenya!


Anonymous said...

I definitely could NOT overcome that fear! Oh my goodness.


deb said...

He for sure wasn't so thrilled about it. Then... he had to cross it AGAIN when we left!

Anonymous said...

Super time enjoyed going with you and Terran for your 33 days! Oh to have my grandchildren for that long. Thanks Deb

deb said...

Marge, I guess I have to get my time in with my grand-kids in large doses.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all your pictures. Terran should have taken more of you. Peggy