09 July 2011

Terran, meeting my friends

My work in Kenya is ALL about relationships... long-term friendships over the course of many life events... the struggles and the joys... births and birthdays... weddings and funerals... the ups and the downs...

Basically it can be summed up by saying God sent me here to obey the second-greatest commandment - "Love your neighbor as yourself".

So... during the 33 days that Terran was with me, we spent quite a bit of time with my friends. Those he had met during his first visit to Kenya in 2004, were thrilled to see him again. And those that he met for the first time were equally thrilled to meet him!

These photos are just a small sampling of the many friends of mine with whom Terran and I visited.

Masudi, Jeremy, Derrick, Linet, and George on top of KICC (a tall building)

Harold, Dedan, and "Mr. Comedian", my hawker friends at Karen shops

Agnes' son, Duane, who is named for my dad

Duane, plus Adu and Zach (two more of Agnes' sons)

Carol and Jeremiah's 7-month old daughter, Jasmine

Carol and Jeremiah's children, Joy (5) and Jim (16)

My good friends, Margaret and Bishop

Getting ready to have an absolute blast riding go-karts with Michael

Collins, who now works for Coca-Cola

Learning about micro-finance loans at Turning Point (an NGO) with Moses

A nice photo after having pizza and ice cream with Masudi, Rose, and Sammy

Nathan and his wife, Alice, in the Matunda area

Three of Mary Alu's grandsons, at Nzoia Scheme

I enjoyed watching Terran interact with my many friends. He was very gracious and polite as he met everyone, quickly extending his hand to greet them. He has a natural knack for conversation and fit in quite easily in each of the various settings.


Delhibound said...

I really love all of these photos!!

deb said...

Me, too! It's SO hard to only choose a few :(

Anonymous said...

Wow! He got to meet a very good chunk of people your are in relationship with. :)


deb said...

... except you, Ryan :(

Gma Mary said...

I especially love the pic of Terran and Duane.

deb said...

I thought you would, Mom!

Anonymous said...

Wow, You and Terran visited A LOT of your friends!! Peggy

deb said...

You are correct, Peggy! I knew that many of my friends in Kenya would be disappointed if they missed the opportunity to meet him.