08 July 2011

Terran, exposure to Nairobi slums

Kenya is a land of much poverty. Whether you're in the rural agricultural parts of the country or in the crowded urban centers... poverty and its effects are everywhere.

During Terran's 33 days with me, I felt it would be profitable to give him some exposure to the poverty found in two of Nairobi's largest slums. We did so in an up-close and personal way... hanging out and laughing with some of the residents.

My good friends, Carol and Jeremiah, pastor a small church in Mukuru kwa Njenga - one of Nairobi's slums. I enjoy attending their church services and worshiping God in the traditional Kenyan way.

I took Terran to their church one Sunday morning.

Terran really enjoyed interacting with the kids!

Buying sugar cane for Joy and the other children at the church

Getting to the church isn't easy, with no proper roads!

The boys really enjoyed him...

... and so did the girls!

"The Turning Point Trust is a fantastic charity working with street-children and their families in Kibera slum, Kenya. They believe in working to meet the needs of individual children and supporting people to become the instigators of their own success."

I know several of the folks involved at Turning Point and they agreed that it would be a great idea for Terran to spend some time there. He visited on three occasions - helping with a jewelry project one of the days, serving tea a couple of times, and playing with the kids all three times!

Moving around Kibera is also not an easy task.


Anonymous said...

Asante sana

Karen said...

A grandson to be proud of for sure. Have enjoyed your journaling. Thanks
Karen Newton

deb said...

Thanks, Karen, for taking a look at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm sure the girls really enjoy Terran in Kenya and in India.