05 August 2012

Hanging out with friends

"Friendship takes time. There's simply no substitute for the expenditure of large amounts of time in the making of friends. You can't always be accomplishing something, especially friend-making, in the time spent. Considerable time needs to be spent without any other agenda than to spend time together."
- Mike Flynn, Making Disciples

Celebrating Carol and Jeremiah's anniversary with lunch

Jasmine 'talking' on the phone :)

Celebrating Joy's 6th birthday with brownie sundaes

Milk "ATM" dispenser

Happy girls after a yummy chicken lunch

Jim really loves his two sisters!

Carol, with her nephew, Joshua

Jacky and Cliff

"True bonding of a missionary and another people doesn't take place at first sight. Becoming bi-cultural takes years. Jesus envisioned discipleship as a lifetime of building into the lives of others. The work of missions takes weeks, months, and years - an entire lifetime."
- Forget the Pith Helmet, various authors

Deng and Mawien were recently in Nairobi on
their mid-term break. After they had lunch at my
house, Deng read John 3:16 in English

Mawien read the same verse in Dinka.

Can you find John 3:16 in the Dinka language of South Sudan?

Mawien and Deng strike a typical African pose

"It is a beautiful thing when folks in poverty are no longer just a missions project, but become genuine friends and family, with whom we laugh, cry, dream, and struggle." 
-Shane Claiborne, Irresistible Revolution 

Another lunch, this time with only Deng, when
he was in Nairobi for the start of his August
holiday from school.

"Christians are called to infect the world with a radical biblical faith. They must be willing to take the time and personal energy necessary." 
- Forget the Pith Helmet, various authors

Masudi serving Margaret at a conference where he was the chef

"I think what our world is desperately in need of is lovers. Lovers are people who are building deep, genuine relationships with fellow strugglers along the way, and who actually know the faces of the people behind the issues they are concerned about. Lovers are people who have fallen desperately in love with God and with suffering people, and who allow those relationships to disturb and transform them." 
-Shane Claiborne, Irresistible Revolution 

Nyama choma (goat and pork) with good friends - Sam, Emily, and Kim

It's great we still get together socially, even after our homegroup disbanded.

This fellow entertained us with Kikuyu songs :)

"Jesus took time to see people in the shadows - the wallflowers, the lepers. He lived with the little guys - the common folk, the fisherman."
-Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus CEO

Sammy treated me to breakfast recently!

"Establishing a spirit of hospitality creates an atmosphere of safety and security whereby deep, meaningful conversation can blossom. In doing so, we affirm people as human beings and speak peace to their inner being."
-Duane Elmer, Cross-Cultural Servanthood 

Margaret and Carol, two wonderful friends!

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