11 August 2012

We visited Julie in Kisumu, Kenya

Ryan's and my third stop (of five) was Kisumu (on the shores of Lake Victoria). We went to see Julie, who is also from Omaha, Nebraska. She recently volunteered at ROCK Ministries for a year, before returning to Nebraska to get her Masters degree. When we visited her this time, she was back for one month during her summer break from school. ROCK exists to reach and rehabilitate street children and orphans in Kenya

We also spent some time with Dave, who I've known for a few years through my church in Nairobi.

Boarding the bus in Nairobi

We had dinner at Kiboko Bay, on the lake.

Elaine (in the middle) runs ROCK.

Dave and some of the guys with whom he works.

You can see many more photos from our time together in Kisumu by viewing my Facebook album. Just click here.


Delhibound said...

AWESOME pics! The last one is stunning (and so is the one with the little person on your lap!)

deb said...

Both of those photos were actually taken by Ryan :)

Anonymous said...

I fianlly got to watch your whole trip this morning and feel like I just returned from a wonderful vacation abroad! What trip, what happiness you must have brought to all those along the way as you shared and ministered to missionaries and locals in each setting.

deb said...

Thanks, Marge, for taking the time to follow my life and ministry here in Kenya!