11 August 2012

Ryan visited me in Nairobi, Kenya

My friend, Ryan, is a missionary in Uganda. He and I are not only from the same home town - Omaha, Nebraska - but we're with the same missionary sending agency - Ripe for Harvest. Because he'll be heading back stateside soon (to get his Masters degree), I joined him recently for a sort of 'farewell tour'.

We were together for 19-days, 2 countries, 5 cities, and 11 missionaries. This post plus the next four will highlight our trip. I hope you'll enjoy it almost as much as we did!

I love acacia trees, the quintessential tree of Africa!

Sculpture is in the shape of the continent of Africa.

We had a lovely lunch at Rolf's Place, on Leopard Cliff.

One of many quirky and whimsical items at Kitengela Glass.

You can see many more photos from our time together in Nairobi by viewing my Facebook album. Just click here.

You can watch a brief video highlighting downtown Nairobi traffic, by clicking here.

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