11 August 2012

I visited Ryan in Kampala, Uganda

We then crossed over to Uganda, which neighbors Kenya. Kampala was our fourth (stop of five). Ryan has been in Kampala, Uganda volunteering with Ravens Ministries for the past few years. Ravens supports underprivileged young adults by training them in vocational skills, giving them an escape from the cycle of poverty, and providing them with hope for their future - all with the love of Jesus.

This was my second time to visit Ryan. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is said to be built on seven hills. Uganda lies to the west of Kenya.

Geoffrey was my boda boda taxi driver quite a bit,
He's one of Ryan's two favorite ones.

Can you spot me in the midst of the busy traffic?

Typical scene anywhere in Africa.

We enjoyed Sabar Percussionists!

Watching them perform, from up in a treehouse.

Traditional Rwandese dance, almost like a ballet.

Traditional Ugandan dance, performed by a school-age dance troupe.

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The following links will take you to some videos:

Click here to see Ryan's motorbike taxi drive through a flooded Kampala street at night.

Click here and here to see the Sabar Percussionists in action.

Click here to see a glimpse of the Rwandese dance.

Click here to see a glimpse of the Ugandan dance.

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