22 March 2017

Catching up, October 2016: A visit with Nathan's family, plus some roadside flowers

Two of Nathan's sons giggle, when they realize I'm watching them from inside the house.

Between the towns of Eldoret and Kitale is a village called Fafaral, where Nathan and his delightful family live. As is common when I'm in the area, I paid them a visit.

I chatted a bit with Nathan and his wife, Alice, about their daughter, Deb's, education.

Mt. Elgon, as seen from Kitale town

This maize has been harvested and is now stacked and drying in these bunches.

I do a fair amount of walking in Kenya, not because it might be the only option, but because I actually enjoy it. I like feeling the sun on my shoulders and listening to the birds sing, or perhaps an awareness of a breeze across my face and the various aromas. I like seeing things up-close, things that would not be seen if I was in a vehicle... for instance these flowers.

But in every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks. 
~John Muir, 1877

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Anonymous said...

Deb you really have a great way with using descriptive language. Reading this, I was right out there walking with you! Jennifer