15 October 2008

A Fruit and Juice Shop in Ngong Town

On each one of our bike rides, we've stopped at this fruit shop for some fresh fruit juice. It's absolutely delicious and extremely cheap!

Sam is taking a picture of us - with his phone - in the mirror. You may notice our juice is a bit greenish. This particular time we got a mixture including avocado juice. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Deber Sue - i believe your hair is getting just a little gray :)

Anonymous said...

Deb, I thoroughly enjoyed all your great pictures of your bike rides and the African scenery and your friends.
You stay in great shape with your passion for cycling!
Here at home in Omaha, getting outside work done before the weather turns bad......

Anonymous said...

Mom, the juice sounds so good! You should see what New Yorkers pay for freshly squeezed juice!!! As much as $8 per glass! Can you imagine?!?