15 October 2008

Zeke's Prayers

Zeke Hunter

The following is from Trish, the mother to Zeke. I met her and her daughter, Katie, in Kenya a number of years ago. I've also stayed in their home in Illinois. Zeke and Katie pray for me faithfully.

This morning Zeke came to breakfast with a long face and said, "Mom I think God is dragging me to Africa." I asked him why he thought that. He said that everytime he prays God gives him someone in Africa to pray for.

I asked him if God had told him to go to Africa. He said no. So I told him not to worry that if God wanted him to go to Africa he would let him know.

And that maybe our missionary friends in Africa need alot of prayer right now.

Such heavy thoughts for a 10-year old.

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Anonymous said...

Love this short little story/post! So sweet and cute!

It's great to know that such wonderful, sensitive and sincere people are praying for the "Missionary friends in Africa"!

Never heard of anyone named Zeke BTW! That has been my nickname for over 10 years!