15 October 2008

Hitching a Ride

One of these cubicles is Wambui's shop. We stopped here in the morning for ndazi (similar to donuts) and tea before we got on our way.

On our first day out, Sam got daring and tried to tackle two really steep hills... just for the thrill of it. He succeeded on the first one. But on the 2nd one, he crashed! He messed up the back wheel of his bike pretty badly. We were able to repair it enough for him to limp along the rest of the ride. However, on the second day his inner tube blew!

Remember, we're in the middle of nowhere!

The 3rd "lorry" (large truck) that we summoned was able to give him and his bike a lift. He hoisted his bike up to the top and the other guys (that were also getting a free lift) placed it on the load of manure. Sam joined the top of the cab for his ride.

One of the passengers eagerly asked me if he could trade places with me and ride my bike, while I got on top of the cab. I agreed and climbed on board.

It marked another first for me in Kenya. Well, actually it was a first for me anywhere in the world for that matter.

You can see Kim and the other guy riding behind us...
in the dust of the lorry.

Here I am on the cab.

The lorry


Anonymous said...

ON the cab?

Anonymous said...

Hehe...I second Naomi's comment! Go figure!

Why did the guy want to cycle? Just not common to have that chance or something?

Such interesting bike rides you take!!