01 October 2008

Joe Continues to Settle Into His House

When Linet and I did the initial shopping for Joe, we neglected to get him a skillet and spatula. He told me one day that he really likes eggs. So, last week I surprised him!

Joe likes to draw. One night recently, he was suddenly inspired to draw...
directly onto his not-quite-all-the-way-painted wall!

When I got there, he asked me to paint around it. The same day, Jeroboam (the electrician) was there. If you look at the top of the top photo, you'll see electrical wire going right across Joe's drawing. He was not so happy when he saw that. Jero apologized, saying he didn't really have any choice.

I'll be eager to see what eventually becomes of the drawing. Joe wants some paint to complete it.

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Anonymous said...

That drawing is so cool! Besides Jesus on the cross - what is the rest of it?