15 October 2008

Hanging Out on Our Compound

This is Oliver. Isn't he adorable? Trena (one of the gals on our compound) and I found him in the middle of Ngong Road about a week ago. We rescued him from inevitable death and brought him to Liz and Stuart. Everyone loves him! In this photo, he's resting on my handlebar, as I did some work on the bike.

This is Liz and Kijani ("green" in Swahili). One day, I heard frightened screams. It turned out to be Violet (one of the residents on our compound). "I've seen a chameleon!" She was petrified! Much to her relief, Stu and I came to her rescue.

Stuart, with his friend

Rose and I recently celebrated her birthday
with pizza and ice cream. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Oliver, huh?

Tony says he looks more like a "Jake"



Anonymous said...

Oliver is such a cute dog! Just the other day I said I like the name and Jason said it was a good name for a dog! :)