21 March 2011

Malaba, on the border with Uganda

Because Malaba is only a 20-minute walk plus a 30-minute boda boda ride from where we were at Agnes' home... and because I'd never been there... Agnes, Ronald, and I decided to do a day-trip to the border town. Malaba is the second-busiest border town between Kenya and Uganda - after Busia .

I found it all to be very interesting and was amazed when I was allowed to stroll across the border into Uganda - with no visa. We stayed for about an hour - doing a bit of shopping at the market and having a soda. I enjoyed seeing all the posters for Uganda's presidential election (which was only days away).

We took motorbike boda bodas from Acholya to Malaba (20-minute ride)

There were hundreds of lorries queuing to cross the border

I'll never cease to be amazed at what can be carried on a bike

We strolled across the bridge (over Malaba River) and into Uganda

I bought some pieces of Jack Fruit; it has a unique taste and texture

Many people were selling bananas at the small market area

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Come for real this time! ...and legally. :)