24 March 2011

Three-hour hike to watch the sunrise

On our last morning, Rosie and I roused ourselves out of bed at 5:00am. The purpose was to join Job for another hike - this time through the forest and up the steep slope of Lirhanda Hill (the highest elevation in the forest). The view from the top was spectacular! Not only did we get to enjoy watching the sun peek over the horizon, but we also took pleasure in the sight of the forest canopy from up above it. Additionally, we could see the Nandi escarpment and Mt. Elgon off in the distance.

Right to left: Job and Rosie, plus another visitor and her guide

Looking down on the forest canopy

The grass in the foreground is the type used to thatch roofs on mud huts.


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful and breathtaking!

Lila said...

Great photos, Deb! Do you take them yourself???