01 March 2011

Sprucing-up the place

Even though God made it clear that the time had come to vacate my house, I still wanted to leave it in fairly good condition. So... I did some more painting on the gate and the new "pillars" we made in August.

I also painted the sitting room floor.
In August, Nathan had patched several holes, so the floor was rather unsightly.

After I gave away most of my furniture, I found myself sitting on the floor to cook!

And... I stored my food and cooking utensils on the floor, as well.

Isn't this bougainvillea beautiful? 
It's even prettier when you see it in person!

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Anonymous said...

Flooded with many memories looking at these pics of your hut and the school.Great fellowship, ministry and friendship. The last time I was there, I taught a brief U.S. history class at the school during a break from the clinic. Also wonderful smoky memories of beans and maize cooking in that kitchen! It doesn't get any more "Africa" than Matunda!
Blessings and hugs...Wafula