28 March 2011

Rondo Retreat Center

"The tranquil Rondo Retreat Centre in the Kakamega Rain Forest welcomes you to make it your home for a few memorable days. You are invited to take time from the rush of your busy life to come and contemplate nature, yourself, the world, and the works of God. Originally, Rondo was owned by a sawmiller who, in 1948, built a house at his wife’s request at the base of what was thought to be the biggest tree in the Forest - an Elgon Olive - the stump of which still stands today."
(above quote taken from Rondo's website)

Nothing better than enjoying a cup or two of chai, some good books, and listening to the sounds of the forest!

Water lilies on a small pond

We made ample time for relaxing on the lovely grounds.

Veranda on the Big House

Dining Room - The food was delicious!

"Among the vast array of birds the Kakamega Rain Forest is home to the flamboyant Great Blue Turaco, gem-like Emerald Cuckoo and the cacophonous Black-and-white Casqued Hornbill. From the monkey family we have the Blue, the Red-tailed, the common Black-and-White Colobus, and the rare deBrazza’s."
(above quote taken from Rondo's website)

Below is just a sampling of the wildlife Rosie and I enjoyed during our 2-day stay. We thoroughly enjoyed the monkeys! They were not only conspicuous, they were quite noisy. We also saw a vast array of birds that Job so efficiently spotted and identified for us; I included pictures of only two of them.  

[Note: I got these five photos below from the internet.]

Blue Monkey

Red-Tailed Monkey

Black and White Colobus Monkey

Black-and-White Casqued Hornbill

Brown-Eared Woodpecker

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