01 March 2011

Vacating my mud hut, week of February 14, 2011

I realized later how fitting it was to have my final week begin on Valentine's Day

Sprucing up the compound

Over the course of three days, I had 20 such fires to burn off the rubbish

I was tuckered out!

The final load of wash hanging on the line

The final time to do dishes

The final sunset

Squeezing in some last minutes of daylight

A last time to view Mawe Tatu

Enjoying a cup of chai outside on one of the last evenings

Farewell house!

Wycliff is ready to take me to the stage at Matunda market for the last time

Through the years, I bought many supplies at Farmer's Hardware

The stage to Eldoret... nice road, huh? One of Kenya's major highways!

A portion of the market starts to wake up in the early morning hours

Farewell, Matunda market


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Deb for the photos. It was actually hard for me to look through them knowing how much time you spent there. -ryan

Anonymous said...

Ah-h-h..what wonderful memories! They will accompany you to your next assignment and geographical location. Enjoy the journey...