17 March 2011

A visit with Agnes to Acholya

For several years, Agnes and I have planned to go to her family's home at Acholya. We finally made the trip in February. Three of her five sons went with us. It took 3 hours - on two vehicles - to reach the place. Then we had a 20-minute walk in the hot sun. It was my first time to Teso District. I enjoyed meeting her two brothers and their families.

Ladies selling bananas to the passengers of a bus, at Misikhu

We had a hot walk from the highway to Agnes' brother's house

Agnes and Ronald's mother died several years ago

Another brother - getting fresh milk for our chai



This cousin had malaria and didn't feel so well

Ronald making bricks out of mud; they will dry in the sun

His wife helping

Agnes admires their work

Ronald with their three boys

Ronald's wife, Agnes, and two ladies from the neighborhood

Breakfast - Pope, Duane, Zach, and Agnes

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