10 November 2008


Often, after I’ve gone to visit Joe, I stop by Muthurwa (Moo-thoo-rwa) near downtown Nairobi. This huge market and bus terminus opened several months ago amid much controversy and mayhem. The idea was to move the hawkers out of “city center” so pedestrians could actually use the sidewalks. Initially the hawkers really raised a fuss, saying the stall fee was too high and no customers would come. But, it actually is working just great now. It’s a bustling, beehive of activity! My money goes much farther here for fresh fruit and vegetables. I rather enjoy moving around and shopping here. Like many such markets, there’s almost a carnival atmosphere. Music blares out from dozens of electronics stalls, wheelbarrows full of a variety of items meander through the narrow walkways, women sit and gossip away the hours while patiently waiting for the next customer, and conductors loudly solicit riders for their public service vehicles. Each and every one of them is struggling to earn their daily bread.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting news. I esp. liked to hear all about the enthusiasm and excitement that Obama's winning stirred up.

I will esp. pray for your safety and protection with all the crime and killings going on.

Blessings and love, Peggy

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, your thoughts, prayer requests, photos, and news are always so helpful and good. Thank you for sharing! "Look at all the incredible things I have created, and yet you are so special and precious to Me Deb, that I am constantly thinking about you. My thoughts cioncerning you are too numerous to count." Ps. 40: Praying that you will experience His thoughts today and all week.