10 November 2008

Agnes and Zach

Agnes and Zach were in Nairobi recently, so I decided to spend some time with them. They stayed at my house for two days and nights. Agnes seems to be doing better health-wise. Please continue to pray for her!

In this first photo, Zach (about 15 months old) is dancing to some music from my radio.

We took a paddle-boat ride around the lagoon at Uhuru Park.

Then we went to see this fountain, also at the park.

A week ago (just four days after Agnes, Zach, and I were there), three “thugs” were shot by policemen in this park, and again... while innocent by-standers were in the vicinity. The three men (suspected criminals) were sipping sodas under a tree when the policemen walked up to them and shot them point-blank.


Anonymous said...

oh precious baby Zach! He's darling! That face!

Anonymous said...

Zach is so cute!! Please do be safe! We will pray for Agnes as well!

-Epting family