20 November 2008

A Trip to Matunda

Joe accompanied me last week to Matunda. He'd never been to that part of Kenya, so he really enjoyed it. Here he is in front of my house. He and I did some work on my fence and gate. They were starting to really lean over badly. I also trimmed some branches on my trees. An exciting new development in the area is the arrival of motorbikes for taxis. I've been eagerly awaiting them to show up at Matunda, as I see them in other parts of Kenya. It makes getting to and from my house so, so much easier and quicker. I was especially happy to see my favorite boda boda driver - Wycliff - with one!

We also visited Charles, Agnes, and family. Here's Pope, Duane, and Adu with a sunflower they planted.

Zach and Duane

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