20 November 2008

Walking to a Graduation Ceremony

The main thing that took me to Matunda this time was a graduation ceremony that Nathan had organized. He had a vision to train some of the people at his church and to break the cycle of poverty that has such a grip on so many. So, he arranged for a teacher to conduct a six-month tailoring and dress-making course. I was invited to be the "guest of honor" at the ceremony.

It's about an hour walk from Mtoni (where my house is) to Soy Sambu (where his church is located). These photos are some of the sights along the way. How would you like to cross this fancy bridge? :)

This lady is gleaning anything she can find from this recently-harvested maize field.

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Anonymous said...

I would not feel safe or secure walking across that bridge. My balance is not that great. The sceneray, however, was beautiful. Peggy G