20 November 2008

Final Shots of Our Trip - Don't Miss the Last One!

Ben (one of Nathan's nephews) met Joe and I in Kitale for lunch. Then we went to the Kitale Museum, a first for both of them. They thoroughly enjoyed it!

These are some rather comical signs posted in our hotel rooms (one in Eldoret and one in Kitale). Notice the incorrect use of the word "inconvenience" in the second one. The last one is pointing to a wastepaper basket.

Young girls become babysitters of their younger siblings at a very young age. Bare bottoms are a very, very common sight throughout all of rural Kenya (and sometimes urban Kenya).

Our matatu had a flat tire between Eldoret and Matunda. Amazingly, once they got that tire off the vehicle, they took it and the spare to Kitale for repair. ha! We passengers were forced to board different vehicles.

This girl (and her sibling) strolled over out of curiosity from a nearby cluster of shops.


Anonymous said...

Deb, your pictures and comments are always so exciting to see. There are some excellent pics of you too. Thanks for the posting of another special week in your life.

Anonymous said...

Cute little bare bottom!! I showed Mia and she said "I wear MY baby too!"