10 November 2008

Glimpses into Some of My Everyday Life in Kenya

Doug has been cutting my hair for the past six years. He always does an excellent job. A bonus is that a hair cut includes two nice head massages! Through the years, as he's moved from one salon to another, I've followed him. He and a friend of his now run their own place. They specialize in “locks” (dreadlocks). Eventually he plans to have a salon that he himself owns.

Can you tell what shape the mirror is?

I recently spent the night at Bishop and Margaret’s house in order to celebrate JB’s birthday. She’s always very excited and touched that I remember her special day. Angela and Gladys are with JB in the first photo. The little girl in the second photo is a relative that stays with them – Daphine.

There are many “hawkers” (street peddlers) at Karen shops. The sell everything from “windscreen” (windshield) wipers to handmade leather wallets to fresh produce to movie DVD’s to greeting cards, etc, etc.

One that I’ve known for a long time – Dedan – sells fresh flowers. I enjoy chatting with him.

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Hey...I recognize this photo!:)