06 January 2011

A charming aspect of living in Kenya

One of the charming aspects of living in Kenya is interacting with folks that I randomly encounter. Most everyone has a natural curiosity about wazungu (whites). Additionally, I guess I tend to be rather accessible due to my mode of transportation - walking, cycling, and public means. And... the folks here also have the time to stop and chat with others.

Now, I do have to admit that this feature can also be annoying at times. Often I wish I could just blend in with the scenery instead of sticking out like such a sore thumb! But most days, I enjoy it.

As Jim and I cycled between Kiserian and Ngong town, I stopped to take yet another photo of the hills. As I did so, shouts of "mzungu, mzungu" rang out. Next thing I knew, several children had gathered around me. Since I had my camera in my hand, they asked me to take their pictures.

Such simple pleasures!

They were making crafts, perhaps for Christmas decorations.

"What about mzee? Can't you also take my photo?"

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Anonymous said...

Cute! We have the same experience here as well ... and I agree - sometimes it's just frustrating and other times it's so enjoyable!