28 January 2011

Visiting friends upcountry

This is Ken Situma and his wife, Joan. I've known Ken since late 2002 and have always admired his zeal and passion for the Lord. The two of them felt called by God to leave Nairobi and move to the Matunda / Mtoni area last August. Ken is now managing the secondary school there. We had some wonderful times of fellowship around meals.

While I was in Kitale last weekend, I got to see Julie. She traveled from Kisumu to visit her friend, Samara, who is participating in the World Race (a Christian missions organization that sends teams to 11 countries around the world in the course of 11 months).  It was great to see Julie in a different part of Kenya and also great to meet Samara and two other gals on her team. We had a great lunch at the newly-remodeled Iroko Twigs café. Samara is also from Omaha, Nebraska.... so once again, Omaha comes to Kenya!

Sorry this isn't the greatest photo, but I wanted to show you the reflective vest I got for Wycliff (my boda boda driver). He's quite proud of it! "I look smart, don't I?"

I also traveled to Misikhu to see Agnes and her kids. This is Duane (6) writing his A, B, C's.

He also made the drawing of a bus. I think he did a great job!

He's showing the two drawings he made of a boy and a girl.

Cute, huh?

This is Adu, just as he got home from school.

Agnes and Zach (3)

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