04 January 2011

A young man with a zest for life!

To be sure, Jim is a young man with a zest and a zeal for life. It doesn't matter what he's doing... he does it with gusto and with all his heart! Basically, he enjoys life to the fullest!

We first met in May of 2003. You would never know it now, but he couldn't speak English back then. He learned quickly and ever since, we've thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other - especially extended time during his holidays from school. We recently did just that, spending 6 days together.

It's hard for me to keep up with his energy, but I try to do my best! He's like the Energizer Bunny - he just keeps going and going!

New clothes for his Aunt Jacky's wedding

Jim's first time on an escalator!

The camel ride and the next 3 photos are from Mamba Village

Jim's first time on a trampoline!

Having fun with Sasha

One of Jim's passions is cooking! Here he is frying chapati.

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Anonymous said...

oh my - he is so precious all dressed up!