31 January 2011

Photos inside my hut

My friend, George, screen printed the fabric for my curtains. 
The sand picture is from my trip to Nigeria in 2005.

George also painted this watercolor of a typical rural home in Kenya. Nathan's wife, Alice, once gave me a gourd (or calabash, as they're called here). I cut it in half and wood-burned (with a magnifying glass and the sun) - "Judge not" (Matthew 7:1) as a reminder to myself. I got the arrow in Sigor (West Pokot) several years ago.

This is my desk, where I read books and did the puzzles in the daily newspapers. Hanging on the wall is a rather old photo of my four kids, plus one of my parents. Also hanging there is my Personal Calling Statement (containing my mission statement, core values, etc). The elephant pencil drawing is another piece of artwork done by George. The colorful item hanging from the roof was a gift to me, when I attended the graduation ceremony of a tailoring class.

This is my "side board". 
It stored my cooking utensils, food, and a few items of clothing I kept there.

Mosquito net around my bed.

The view (from inside the house) looking up at the top of the roof.

Doing my laundry by hand, actually just like I do in Nairobi

I made this little sign years ago - also by wood-burning with a magnifying glass and the sun.

My place to sit at the feet of Jesus, meditating on the Word and chewing on Oswald Chambers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the inside of your hut. I really enjoyed the 'tour'. You do value people and the things in life. The colorful paintings must of brighten up your place


Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing this .... will be a bit nostalgic, eh?

(MOM!! You need a more recent photo of us!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the inside of your hut and all around your compound. I've wondered what it all looked like.
Donna K. in Omaha :)

Only Servants Ministries said...

SO COOL!! YOu are my hero! :)