31 January 2011

Photos outside of my hut

I never got around to putting on the doors for the toilet and the washroom. 
So... I just hang a sheet there.

This gate is the way in and out of my "compound". The building you can see outside of my fence is one of two that house the dorms and classrooms.

Nathan is trimming my "live fence" with his "slasher".

I've planted 50 trees on my compound. They started as small seedlings and are now quite tall! This is a view looking up at the tops of some of them. During my visits, I enjoy pruning them and end up making a large pile of large branches. Nathan's wife, Alice, is always happy to use them for firewood. During this recent stay, I cut down seven of the trees. They were either stunted in their growth or too crowded.

I have long enjoyed sunrises and sunsets - no matter where I might be in the world. This is the sun rising on one of the days during my recent visit.

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Anonymous said...

Cool .... love what you've done with the place :)