11 January 2011

Some recent moments with my friends

Rose and Sammy spent Christmas Eve with me and stayed the night. We had a good time together... eating a lot of fun food! We also played two games of Scrabble :)

Since my return to Kenya in late May, I hadn't yet seen my friend, Robert, who lives in Tanzania. However, recently he was in Nairobi to escort his son, Avoga, to secondary school. We were able to meet briefly and I gave him a copy of my latest book. In fact... he's the one that wrote the forward in it!

Joy (4 years old) and her sister, Jasmine (6 weeks old)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, Jasmine!! And proud sister Joy!

Robert and Avoga look SO serious ....

And Rose and Sammy are NOT kids anymore!!

nanacb said...

Ahhh! I remember holding Joy at that age and praying over her! They are beautiful!