29 April 2009

Please Pray for My Friends in Kenya!

This is Agnes with her new sewing machine. My mom and I have been making it possible for her to take sewing classes over the past couple of months. Now she has the machine! Please pray for her to be able to succeed with this new venture. She and her husband, Charles, really struggle to provide for their four boys. As I said my goodbyes to them, Agnes told me, "I believe when you come back, I will have reached somewhere.”

This is their whole family.

This is Jeremiah, Karo, Jim, and Joy Kibisu. Please pray for them as they raise their family, pastor their church, and attend a Bible college.

Please continue to pray for Joe's health to come back to what it should be.

More of My Friends

Deng, Emmanuel, Mawien, and Wek are refugees from Sudan. I head up a team at my church that has been instrumental in sponsoring them in secondary school. Please pray for their education.

Joining them in this picture is Joseph and Lino... and me.

I've known Mark Deng Deng for a number of years now. He's also a Sudanese refugee that's been living in Kenya after escaping the atrocities in his own country. He's recently decided to return to Sudan. He believes he can assist others as they strive to rebuild their war-torn nation. Please pray for his safety and that he can avoid any health issues.

Masudi, on the left, recently finished his secondary school education. Please pray that he can find something to further his growth in life - either more schooling, a job, or something else.

Pray for my homegroup in my absence. Emily (in the pink blouse) will be hosting and leading the group.

.... and More

Derrick and Jeremy were recently blessed with these uniforms for the Kenya Scouts. They are very excited about them!

This is their parents, George and Linet. Please pray that George can sell some of his art work. He's been given a loan to start out in his own business. It has long been his dream to make a living with the work of his own hands. I have several of his items in both my Nairobi and Matunda houses.

Please pray for Rose (and her brother, Sammy) as they both attend school. Life hasn't been easy for them since their mom died just over a year ago.

Pray for Vera and Ben as they start out their new life together.

As always, please pray for Bishop, Margaret, and their family and ministry! We're celebrating Angela's birthday in this photo.

... and a few more

Collins is in his final year of secondary school. He'll be taking his exams in November.

Ben is a very talented young man. He really wants to find a job or to be able to attend college. As you can see from the photo, he loves to read!

Nathan and his son, Laban, are trying ice cream for the first time ever. They weren't too impressed with it. Please pray for Nathan; he's a small-scale farmer. He and his family barely eke out a living.

Joseph and Agnes, Karo's parents, are also in the same situation as many, many small scale farmers in Kenya.

Gladys' Wedding

What a pretty bride!

The proud parents
and below, some of the attendants.
Esther is on the left and Angela is
2nd from the right.

A Great Quote

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep on praying. I’m pretty sure we’d be willing to accept a miracle even if it comes at the very last minute. But we are also willing to bow to God’s good will for our lives. We are the created, not the Creator. We don’t choose, He does. We don’t know the whole picture, He does. Death is an exercise in trust, maybe the ultimate exercise.

Every moment is precious; let us not waste any of them. Love, serve, sacrifice, give more than you take, live lives of integrity, and leave things better than you found them. Seek after the face of God.

- Maxine Talbert, a lover of Christ, friend to Kenya, example to me, and eagerly and courageously expecting to see her Lord face-to-face very soon

A Recent Visit to My Place at Matunda

09 April 2009

Nairobi National Park


Marabou Stork


Some friends of mine from the States were in Kenya recently. One day I joined them for five hours in the Nairobi National Park. We saw a LOT of animals! It was so much fun!

Crowned Cranes and more

Crowned Cranes are an absolutely stunning bird!

Ostrich - an absolutely comical bird!


Plethora of Animals


Michelle and Stephanie

Then.... more recently, some other friends from the States (Dave, Stephanie, and Michelle Penner) were here in Kenya. We got to spend a couple of great days together.

Hahaha! They found that most toilets in Kenya leave a little to be desired :) However, it's become "normal" for me after all these years!

At George and Linet's House

Derrick and Jeremy

George, Linet, Derrick, Jeremy

Sunday School Class

Michelle, Stephanie, and their friend, Harmony, helped Jacky teach her Sunday School class. They taught them the story of Noah and the ark. Each child got to take one or two small plastic animals home with them.