26 April 2010

Here I Am, Lord Send Me

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19 April 2010

And the winner is....


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The contest officially ended at midnight on Saturday, the 17th. I had my Mom draw the winner out of a "basket" on Sunday evening, the 18th.

The winner of my book-giveaway contest is....

The following was Bob's entry -

1) Luke 10:25-37 -> Your neighbor is anyone you can show mercy to in times of need. Fortunately the answer is easy as every human being qualifies for that distinction at one time or another.

2) I will go to Guatemala in April with the
Josiah Foundation to minister to my neighbor. I will be ministering to the long term missionaries that are organizing this mission trip, as well as the people in Guatemala that we will be distributing wheelchairs to.

Thanks to all of you that participated in my contest!

My daughter, Naomi, is also running a contest. There's still time, as her deadline isn't until April 30th! The prize is the same thing - a free copy of my new book!

Click here to view the details of her contest.

And, if you haven't yet purchased your own copy of my book, no worries! You still can get one. Just click here for details!


Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors!

Ask yourself - Who is my neighbor?