30 August 2011

My new house

I recently "shifted" (as they say here in Kenya) to a new house. I had been at my previous place for just short of four years. I liked it, but it was becoming increasingly crowded and noisy. It was time for a new environment... especially one characterized by quietness!

Three kids in my old neighborhood. I'll especially miss Philip (on the left)!

I'll also miss meeting my friend, Ruth, under this acacia tree - a 3-minute walk from my old house.

The movers loaded up things from my old house...

... and delivered them to my new house (about a 20-minute drive away).

First on the agenda on moving day, was to relax with a cup of tea!

The boxes and bags would wait!

This is the approach to my house... from the lane off of the main road.

My house is considered a "guesthouse" and shares the compound with a "main house". My British landlord has lived in Kenya for over 20 years. He's a nice guy... he even lets me harvest from his vegetable garden! And I absolutely love fresh beets!

Every single wall of the house was white when I took the place. Very boring (in my opinion) and very much in need of a new look! And... I just so happen to love painting! I finally finished one coat in all the rooms. I now need to do the second coat. I also still have eight boxes to unpack. Hmm... life goes on. I'm trying to squeeze in all the work in between everything else. But it's been a lot of fun to watch it take shape!

Before and after painting in the living room.

Another corner of the living/sitting room.

Before and after painting in the kitchen.

Before and after painting in the bathroom.

the very blue bedroom

Clothes hanging on the line. I need to plant some grass, huh?

Some plants I dug up (from my old place) and potted.

Karibu ! Please come and visit me sometime! We can have a cup of tea!

18 August 2011

Thompson Falls, Nyahururu

I love seeing new places... especially in Kenya! It's a land with so, so much beauty. I had never been to Nyahururu to see Thompson Falls... so Michael, Kim, and I recently headed that direction for a fun two-day adventure. I believe it's always good to get away from the normal routine. It refreshes our soul and invigorates our energy!

The cheesy requisite "tourist" photo

We had a strenuous hike to the bottom (and back up), but it was beautiful!

The three of us had a great time!

So much green... especially from the mist!

We capped off our day with delicious "nyama choma"!

We viewed gorgeous scenery on the way to and fro. This is the Aberdares mountain range

Joanie (who hosted us) is with my same sending agency, Ripe for Harvest. 

Click here to see a video of the waterfall.

15 August 2011

Higher education and go-karts

Those two things naturally go together, don't they - higher education and go-karts? Actually I'm just trying to get caught up on photos to share with you. So, I thought I'd combine two subjects in one post.

Kim, on the campus of United States International University

Masudi and some of his classmates

Masudi is learning how to be a chef!

GP Karting is so much fun! What an adrenaline rush!

Sam was our winner, Hannah a close 2nd, and Stewart #3!

I came in 4th, Michael 5th, Emily 6th, and Moses brought up the rear.

I'm sure this won't be our last time there!

11 August 2011

One baby shower, two anniversaries, and four birthdays

Getting together with friends is such an important part of life! And a good excuse to do that is to celebrate the important days in the lives of our friends - days like the upcoming arrival of a baby entering the world, wedding anniversaries, and the birthdays of the young and the not-so-young.

Ladies from my church helping Lindy get ready for her baby

Celebrating George and Linet's anniversary with them

Celebrating Jeremiah and Carol's anniversary

Joy recently turned five years old!

Margaret and Carol helped me celebrate my birthday!

Davis, Gladys, Esther, Bishop, Angela, Cyrus, Margaret

Having fun with Bishop as he turned another year older

Click here to watch a video from Bishop's birthday!

Carol also added one year to her tally

Joy, Jeremiah, Jasmine, and Jim rounding out the family

Jasmine enjoyed the birthday party!

... and so did Joy!

Masudi also joined us...

... and so did cousin, Tina.

Jim moving his bedding... time to sleep!

Click here to watch a video from Carol's birthday!

08 August 2011

A brand new nation, Jenga, and Scrabble

Hanging out with one another is such a great way to deepen and enrich relationships. Cooking together, sharing meals, playing games, and laughing are to fun ways to facilitate this. I do a lot of those things with my many friends in Kenya!

Good times with my Sudanese friends

Mawien and Deng, plus Michael

Chol and Maluk, plus Jacob (from Omaha... on his way to South Sudan)

Kerubino (with his voting ID) - excited about the new nation of South Sudan!

Deng, Chol, Mawien, Maluk, and Kerubino celebrating the new nation!

Playing games - Jenga and Scrabble

Carol concentrating

Jim, completely focused!

Joy, trying her hand at the game

Jasmine, oblivious to it all!

Rose and I making chicken nuggets

Sammy crushed the cracker crumbs

The video is the final moments of a tense Jenga game between Sammy and I!

Michael was the first winner of our traveling Scrabble trophy 

He was also the second... and THIRD winner! Ugh!

YES! Finally, Moses unseated him and is now the proud owner of the trophy!