19 March 2012

Wild critters in my neighborhood

It's not unusual at all to see wild animals in Kenya... even away from the game parks... and even in the big city of Nairobi.

It's one of the delights of living here.

However, at times the ensuing 'human/wildlife conflict' can create problems. These Vervet monkeys, for instance, can strip a tree bare of fruit and wreak havoc of all sorts in a person's yard.

A young Vervet monkey

Ever since I moved to my new house 3 weeks ago, I've seen a group of 20-30 monkeys in the yard several times. I enjoy watching their antics :)

Typical pose, while in a tree

The two photos above are from the internet, but this compilation of short videos is mine. I shot most of them while in my living room, but stepped outside for a few of them.


There have been reports of lionesses roaming around in my neighborhood for the past month or so. This photo was taken by Ian Douglas-Hamilton (a professional photographer) just 11 days ago. The location is only 2 miles (or less) from my house (relatively near the Nairobi National Park).

Every few years lions come out of the park looking for food, especially during drought or near-drought conditions (as Nairobi is currently experiencing). These two are reportedly eating dogs and warthogs in the area.

A rather harmless critter (that lives in many neighborhoods around here) is the hyrax. The main problem with them is their loud, screeching cries at night.

17 March 2012

Fun cycling adventure at Ngong Hills

Rod has been in Kenya for 6 months, working with SIL (an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators). He and I really enjoyed our time away from our normal routines.