23 August 2016

Africa Adventurers; vising Agnes' family at Kocholia

We had a nice visit with everyone!

“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many great things we did, but by: ‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me.’” 
~ Mother Teresa

Agnes 'washes our hands' before lunch

Pope is now in Form Two (sophomore) in Secondary School

Duane was so happy to see everyone!

Zach, sitting by the kitchen

Agnes harvesting green maize

Curious and friendly neighbor children

Aaliyah and Mia squeeze in one last boda-boda ride

We also had a lovely dinner with Margaret and her grandson, Eli, in Eldoret

17 August 2016

Africa Adventurers; visiting Robai (Jennifer) and Deb at their schools

Antonio, Mia, Robai, and Aaliyah at St. Catherine's Girls' Secondary School

While we chatted near the lake, this guy continued with his fishing

Robai gave us a tour of the school compound, including the sports field

The girls loved getting acquainted!

My grandchildren - Antonio, Aaliyah, and Mia - with Deb

The students at Fountain Grammar School take a break in their classes

Mia and her friend, Cassia, helped raise money to pay for Deb's next two years of education!

Children always love the simple joy of greeting a mzungu (white person)! Be sure to watch the video below!

15 August 2016

Africa Adventurers; visiting Nathan's family and Martin, plus a trip down memory lane

Naomi in the shamba, enjoying village life

Nathan's wife, Alice (purple shirt), some of her boys, a niece, neighbor children, and my family

Lunch time

Playing with the children

Nathan and Martin

Leaving Nathan's house and heading to Mtoni

On the way, we happened to see Jonas (elder sister to Bishop and Nathan)

Site of my former mud hut, now reduced to rubble... SO many memories!

Neighbor children gather at the gate, so curious to see wageni wazungu (white visitors)

During the 8 years I had my mud hut, Bishop had a medical clinic, Bible college, and school at the compound

Nathan checks out the well where I used to draw my water

11 August 2016

Africa Adventurers; picnic with family and friends at Uhuru Park

Sharing love and laughter!

Enjoying lunch while getting acquainted

New friends having fun!

Aaliyah, Linet, and Mia

Rose and Jim join me on a 'selfie'

Sharing our lunch and love with some street boys

Naomi, Tony, Mia, and Aaliyah enjoyed a boat ride

Jasmine and Joy enjoyed a horse ride

04 August 2016

Africa Adventurers; a quick glance at our fantastic 23 days together

Hiking, lunch, and kite-flying at Ngong Hills

Looking for wildlife at Nairobi National Park

Photographing flowers close-up at Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, South Coast

Playing games with the children at Faraja Children's Home, Ukunda

Putting on our game face before racing at GP Karting, Nairobi

Enjoying the water, sun, and sand at beautiful Diani Beach, South Coast

Snorkeling to their hearts-content at, Kisiti-Mpunguti Marine Park (Indian Ocean)

The kids consumed MANY milkshakes throughout their time in Kenya!

We encountered MANY monkeys in a variety of places :)

GeoCaching at Ooloolua Forest, Karen (Nairobi)

Big smile on a ride at The Hub Arcade, Karen (Nairobi)

Hiking the quite challenging gorge at Hell's Gate National Park

Enjoying the warm water at the Olkaria Geothermal Spa, Hell's Gate National Park

Keeping an eye out for hippos, Lake Oloidien (Naivasha)

For more photos, be sure to click over to the Africa Adventurers page!

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“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”
   ~ T.S. Eliot