29 September 2009

Bike Ride

The temperature was a bit chilly on our early-morning start.

Seven started the ride.
This is 22 miles into our 1st day, at the trail-head of the Wabash.
I'm 3rd from the left.


I organized a bike ride for the last weekend of September. The weather was great and we had great fun! I love being outdoors and I love being on my bike!

Five of us spent the night at Shenandoah, Iowa. My total for the ride was 136 miles (220 kilometers). It wasn't as far as I had aimed for, but I felt a bit sluggish on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon we had STRONG head winds that really slowed us down. Much of our ride was on the beautiful Wabash Trace Nature Trail in the southwest corner of Iowa.

We will all have many wonderful memories of the outing!


17 September 2009

Busy Working on My Book

These photos illustrate what I spend a lot of time doing - either sitting at my computer or sitting with a pen and paper in hand!

Since early July, my focus has been to edit my stories from 2004-2008. It is a bit tedious but... I actually do enjoy it!

In fact, it's as if I get to re-live the events all over again. Many of my stories still move me to tears; many of them encourage me.

My aim is to stay on track and self-publish my second book.