21 December 2010

Masudi wants to be a chef!

It's been said that one hundred years from now,
it won't matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...
but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

- Forest E. Witcraft

Masudi cooking at my house

During the month of December, our thoughts turn to the joy of giving to others. Please allow me to propose a worthy recipient for your Christmas gift-giving:

I've known Masudi Anderson Mwakidudu for over 8 years. I met he and his mom, Stella, in the remote village of Shimba Hills while on a 10-day mission trip with Kenyans. Masudi and I have remained friends all these years and I've had the pleasure of watching him develop into a very polite gentleman.

He completed his high school education two years ago and patiently waited for an opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. Not only does he love to cook, but he sincerely wants to develop his skills so he can become gainfully employed and help support his single mom.

He is now enrolled at a college here in Nairobi in a one-year course called "Food Production".

Two of my faithful supporters have paid for the last several years of his schooling. They continue to do so even now. However... what they contribute isn't quite enough now that he's in college. Would you consider investing in this young man's life?

His expenses are as follows:

$50 per month for school fees
$20 per month for rent
$50 per month for food, bus fare, and other necessities

Please consider a one-time donation to his college fund. Or... you may decide on a one-year commitment.

Simply click here to choose from three options to send your gifts for Masudi. Thank you so much for your

17 December 2010

The month of November

Here are a few random photos of my activities during the month of November.

One of my favorite things to do in Kenya is help my friends celebrate their birthdays. These first two photos are David (first-born child of Veronica and Ben, who live in Kijabe). He's a delightful child!

I also had the opportunity to visit Joe at his place in Kayole.

Moses was surprised - and pleased - that I had remembered his birthday!

Linet, Derrick, Jeremy, and I had a great time at Mamba Village!

Masudi and I cycled part way up Ngong Hills. It's quite a climb! We especially enjoyed a nice bowl of ice cream at Harvestors Fruit and Coffee Shop in Ngong Town. We shared our lunch with Syeimita and bought a few sweets from him, as well.

A great sign (near Greenfield "shopping center")!

Rose and I helped Sammy celebrate his birthday. We had a great lunch at Galito's and then headed over to Sno Cream afterward. You can see by his big smile that Sammy enjoyed himself!

Carol and Jeremiah's new little one - Jasmine!

15 December 2010

A trip to Rongo to meet another missionary

Through the marvel of the internet, Joetta and I "met" recently. We subsequently exchanged messages via Facebook. I was amazed that she also uses a "piki piki boda boda" (motorcycle taxi) to get around... just like me!

So... I made a 3-day trip from Kisumu to Rongo so we two American missionaries to Kenya could meet face-to-face. I was given a bedroom at Pastor Achilla's house, which is also were Joetta stays.

Pastor Achilla, his wife, and two of their six children

Joetta Smith has been in Kenya for 8 years

My greeting to Pastor Achilla's church is translated

Sunday school children

a little guy at Suna

a young boy with his homemade toy

it's common in Kenya to see guys walking around with radios

kids fascinated to see - not one - but TWO white ladies :)

a typical house in the area

the mother of the cute little guy

typical way babies are carried

a beautiful sunset at the end of our day-trip to Suna

bringing our tea

enjoying tea in the shade of a large tree

tobacco is the main crop in this area

14 December 2010

Trip to Kisumu - October

Let me attempt to get my blogging caught up with my life :)

After our wonderful trip to Mombasa and Wasini Island - mostly for pleasure and some much needed R/R - Ryan and I next visited Kisumu. While there, we got acquainted with Julie's work at R.O.C.K. Ministries. Once again... three Omaha missionaries - who serve in East Africa - were together.

We used an Easy Coach bus from Nairobi to Kisumu

fresh pina colada!

3 Omaha missionaries in East Africa - photo taken at Lake Victoria

Ryan and Julie staying in touch with folks back home in the US

the gate at R.O.C.K. Ministries

Julie with her class

The kids are just about to pray for lunch.

The children love books!