21 June 2013

Three fun picnics

Uhuru Park, in downtown Nairobi, is a really great spot for picnics!

Jeremy did a great job making bubbles!

Linet enjoyed a nice relaxing day.

Although I have long loved flying kites, the many trees in this park frustrated me.

Newly acquainted friends, Joanna and George, share some good laughs.

No picnic tables in the park? Hakuna shida - just carry blankets and lesos.

The paddle boats on the pond are such a fun activity!

... and so is the merry-go-round!

I persevered for a long time - and even drew a bit of an audience - but the kite never did get up very high.

Denise shares some laughter.

There's even a small ferris wheel at the park:)
Denise handled this horse really well, and drew some looks from other folks at the park.

New friends, Collins and Jeremy, didn't take long to get acquainted.

Camel ride anyone?

Labor Day (May 1st) picnic at Nairobi National Park 

Ngong Hills in the distance

Look below to see what has the kids intrigued.

Dung beetle

After a great lunch, we went for a game drive.

Another fun picnic at Uhuru Park

I've bumped into Francis twice at Uhuru Park. He's a charming young man from Tanzania and quite the strolling nail stylist!

I watched the fellow on the right catching small fish from the pond. He told me they were to feed his family.
I ended up giving both of the boys a ride in a paddle boat, the first-ever for both of them.

19 June 2013

Good times with friends, upcountry and around Nairobi: January - June 2013

Cedric and Seth (two of Mary Alu's grandsons) and one of her hired hands

Adu gave Zach a lift part way to school, as he went to fetch water. Neighbor boy, Abraham, looks on.

Duane and Zach really had fun with these two foam airplanes!

Pope and Levi (a neighbor) install a small solar panel on the roof of the boys' house.

Agnes' maize and ground nuts are looking great!

Joseph, one of my boda boda taxi drivers in the Nzoia Scheme area

There are always a lot of chores on a farm, one of which is gathering firewood to cook.

Duane and Zach, with their neighborhood buddies

I enjoyed visiting with Margaret, Angela, and Bishop Wanjala over a meal at my favorite place in Eldoret.

Masudi with his cousin, Charo, at Bel Cibo, where they both work (in Kakamega)

Celebrating Kim and Emily's March birthdays with nyama choma at Tamasha Joint

Deng and Mawien had so much fun during their first visit to the Giraffe Center!

Great missionary friends, Joanna and Denise, enjoyed discovering Sno Cream in downtown Nairobi!

My silly Scrabble buddies :)

Joy has waited a long time to spend the night at my house... all by herself!

At first quite apprehensive, Joy finally did feed the giraffe.

I had yummy coconut talapia when Joan, Ken, and I met for lunch

Joy and her cousin, Cliff

My good friend, Carol, relaxes in my little garden space

Celebrating Joy's 7th birthday

The whole family enjoyed the day at my place... good food and good friends!

I enjoyed another visit with Jacob, when he was in town from South Sudan