24 May 2012

Hanging out with Jim

I enjoy having Jim spend time with me whenever he's out of school and on 'holiday' break. We took advantage of such a time last month, in April.

We did a lot of gardening together

What a great view from the top of the KICC building in downtown Nairobi

We also did a LOT of cooking and baking. This pizza was delicious!

Jim with some of Nairobi's landmarks - Jomo Kenyatta statue, KICC, Times Tower

Felix joined us for a day. He's roasting a hot dog in my 'jiko'.

Jim was thrilled to play miniature golf for his 1st time!

23 May 2012

Ladies' Breakfast

Carol and Jeremiah's church - Kingdom Light Ministries, located in the slum area called Mukuru kwa Njenga - recently hosted their second-annual Ladies Breakfast (on the Saturday before Easter). I was privileged to be in attendance.

It seems Joy is ready to get the day started!

The men in did all the serving. Jeremiah is 'washing' the hands of this lady.

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast (which we actually ate two different times)!

Jacky and her son, Joshua Warren

More satisfied ladies

Jeremiah and Benjamin, are ready and eager to serve the ladies!

Jeremiah 'washes' the hands of his wife, Carol.

Even the young 'ladies' enjoyed the day!

Benjamin pours tea, coffee, or hot cocoa for the ladies.

Jasmine really enjoyed her boiled egg!

I guess this little guy was a bit envious.

The ladies really listened intently to the speakers.

The men from the church also washed the dishes... and with enthusiasm!

Margaret Wanjala was the main speaker.

22 May 2012

Masudi, the chef

Masudi finished his one-year course of "Food Preparation" at Aviation College late last year. After my return to Kenya in February, I took him out for lunch to celebrate his graduation. We ate at the very fancy Hilton Hotel. We both enjoyed the food, but it was too much for me. I sent some of mine home with Masudi :)

Outside the entrance to the hotel

Masudi was quite fortunate to get an 'attachment' at the Hilton!

It was an intense 4.5-month training period.

Please pray for him, as he now looks for a job (after finishing the attachment).

17 May 2012

A day of cycling

Rod is a new friend of mine from Kentucky. I've known his brother, Randy, for many years through his visits to Kenya. Rod was recently in Kenya for 6 months, working with BTL (affiliated with Wylcliff Bible Translators). Shortly before he headed back to the States, we squeezed in a day to cycle Upper Matasia Road, skirting the slopes of Ngong Hills.

Rod bought a piece of twine from this kiosk to make an adjustment on his bike.

Anywhere I go, kids are attracted... and fun to interact with.

Drawing a crowd, as I fix the second puncture of the day :(

This guy was fun to talk to. I love his trousers!

We were surrounded by stunning sights, such as this one of Ngong Hills.

We finished off our day with some refreshing ice cream at Ngong Town.

16 May 2012

Good times with friends!

Bishop and Margaret with their first grand-baby, daughter to Gladys and John

Easter Sunday with the Kibisu family

Carol and I helped Margaret celebrate her birthday with lunch out

Joy and Jasmine (and the rest of the family) came to my house to celebrate Jim's birthday

We all had fun playing a few rounds of Jenga!

The parents of my friend, Mike



I was not the winner of Scrabble in February...

... but in May I was!

15 May 2012

Visit with Robert and Mary Alu

When I'm upcountry, I often travel by motorbike... I do occasionally in Nairobi, as well. They're cheap and offer 'door-to-door' service.

In March, I was in the Matunda/Nzoia Scheme area (near Kitale). After meeting friends for lunch at the Matunda market, I had Wycliff pick me up for the 30-minute journey to Mary Alu's home. I took this photo while seated on the back of his motorbike. We unfortunately got stuck behind this lorry carrying telephone poles. Not only did it move slowly... but it kicked up a LOT of dust!

The following six photos were taken while I was on the back of the motorbike. I believe they'll give you a good glimpse of the countryside in the area.

Robert (who lives in Tanzania) also happened to be visiting his Mom.

Yum. Chicken feet for lunch. Very typical in the rural villages.

Mary in her newly constructed kitchen

Stacking hand-made clay bricks to be baked a few days with smoldering wood.