23 March 2010

Purchase a Copy of My Book!

My 2nd book is available for purchase!

"Created for Relationship; Compelled to Kenya to Love My Neighbor" is a collection of short stories about my relationships and experiences in Kenya over a period of four years.

The sub-title is taken from Matthew 22:39. The first and greatest command is to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and mind. The second greatest command is to love our neighbor.

God, in his sovereign design has compelled me to the other side of the world - Kenya - to love my neighbor!

I believe you will be encouraged and challenged as you read my stories.

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My First Book - Created for Purpose

A picture of me at Washington branch library in early 2004.
I'm printing a hard copy of my press-ready pages
to send to the printer.


Frontenac, Minnesota

I had a great 6-day getaway in Minnesota recently. I visited some friends - Dave and Rose and met their delightful grand-daughter, Abby. It was great to get caught up with each other and to find mutual encouragement in our time together.

They live a mere 5-minute walk from a State Park. I thoroughly enjoyed the woods and ensuing solitude almost every day I was there. I viewed several bald eagles from a close proximity and watched several beautiful deer.

To cap it all off, I got to see a missionary friend from Kenya for a 4-hour lunch!


A Lovely Bike Ride

After one of the most difficult winters in Omaha's recent history (a record 90 consecutive days with snow cover), I seized the day last week and did a 32-mile bike ride to Boyer Chute and Fort Calhoun. What a delightful (and warm) day it was!